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Erwan Fichou


Buvette, also known as Cédric Streuli, is a constantly evolving artist, whose music captures the nuances of the distance he’s covered so fat.
Originally from Leysin, Switzerland, Buvette has traveled across ten years and four studio albums, from India to Mexico.

His last album, Tales of the Countryside, to be released in March 2024, is a musical adventure that subtly hints at his previous songs. By going back to the basics of an autodidact who only packed what he’d need for the journey, Buvette offers a delicacy that blends modern country music with Latin overtones and rhythmic ballads shaped like waves, in a format that’s simple, straight, and versatile.

“The Golden Age” evokes hope, the season of renewal, springtime in our hearts, the beginning of a new cycle, while reminding us that in vast areas, nature can be tumultuous.

“Two Sides” is a voyage towards a collective reality, drifting away from the shores and never looking back.

“In the Leaf” explores the lack of schedule, offers an alter-ego to impeccable sclera, while “La Madrugada” conjures simple nights on a patio.

“Full Moon” becomes an ode to the open air. Better to pick turnips all winter long than to be confined in an enclosed space.

“Lost in the Theater” dives into our existences, our doubts and questions about our authenticity, and the role we’re playing, that sometimes make us feel like we’ve forgotten our own lines.

Finally, “Holy Water” is the unexpected tale of a dog’s baptism by the river.

“Stardust” closes the set, by reminding us that we are but preexisting dust.

Tales of the Counrtyside is an introspective and rich musical experience, where every track becomes a sound picture reflecting every facet of Buvette’s artistic journey. This new album for Pan European Recording captures his never-ending progression, questioning past and future recording techniques.

The release of Tales of the Countryside on March 29th 2024 is a return to his artistic sources, that will surely charm avant-garde electronic music enthusiasts, and entice them to revisit his past musical universe.