Photo : Tristan Savoy


“Buvette wears his encounters like jewels and shares them with a vital energy”

Buvette is submerged in vast urban landscapes, mingling with thousands of souls lost in their dreams and craving for a life elsewhere as he continues on his rhythmic journey under the influence(s).
His music draws on the discoveries he makes during his solitary investigations. In his concrete jungle, people gather eagerly, packed tightly together, sweating and dancing to mesmerizing beats in genuine acts of godless religious communion.

Buvette’s songs are doors that open onto the secret and the shared. They are the subtle, primarily rhythmic constructions of a drummer who deploys startling structures that suggest chromatic geometries in psychedelic forms. His lyrics conjure a succession of portraits, landscapes and slices of life, like infinitely elastic recurrent dreams.

Buvette’s imagination connects reality to memories so closely that the line between them blurs. A motorcycle journey becomes a climb to the peak of a holy mountain. A visit to a train’s lavatory turns into a paranoid existential experience. The wallpaper in an apartment morphs into a mysterious and ancient mosaic.