Photo :

Loumir Orsoni


“Calypsodelia, spangled like a galaxy, bright like a ship into the night”

Calypsodelia pick their inspirations within the confines of psychedelia, afro-beat, trans and the non-standard formats of space-disco. Vocal harmonies impregnated with soul and tropicalism occur before shifting to scorching, rhytmic instrumental parts.

Synth wave trips, retro-futurists styles… Calypsodelia is powered by the desire of shaping a new style, forever experimenting when they play live.

They are said to come from a far-off, enchanted planet, where the moon rises to dancing and bewithching music. It is the dawn of the “Cosmic Party”, the premises of a big psychedelic celebration, complete with strobing lights, platform shoes, disco beats and tropical harmonies.