Artwork :

Maya De Mondragon~ & Juliette Gelli~

PAN060, Sep 2018.


Flavien Berger

I believe that I make some music of science fiction.
I wanted to make up a record on the journey in the time for a long time, since I ended Léviathan in fact, in August 2014. Later I made concerts, I met other musicians, I sang in many new ears, I dedicated myself completely to music. And the time changed.
This record consisted between October 2016 and May 2018, an urgency of one and a half year.
I imagine my records as narrative adventures. Here, it is a collection backwards, a journey of a knight in automobile which listens psychedelic R’n’B on the radio. Contre-Temps is a record which feeds on the fantasy and where meet the impermanence and the sensation time which passes. A tunnel through multiple dimensions.