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Olivier Lebrun

Kill for Total Peace

“Who is the Weatherman?”

Kill for Total Peace was born in 2005 from the ashes of Taliban Rock Action, in which Olivier Gage and Intra Moros were singing rhythmically. The duo is quickly joined by Louie Louie, Laden & HardrockGunther.

They settle in an 18th century cellar and mix guitars and machines to create a hypnotic music that owes as much to Jurrassic electronics as to repetitive rock. Spotted by Arthur Peschaud, the group records its first LP “Kill For”, which is released in 2009 on Pan European Recording. Rhythmic terrorism, military cadences, neurotic oscillations, up-tight bass, layered open-tunings, drum machines sounding like a whip, unbridled singing, “Kill For” synthesizes the influences and aspirations of the band, with tremolo and reverb added on the master. The press compared them to the Velvet Underground gone German, Silver Apples, the Cramps or Kraftwerk’s Metal on Metal, greeting this ambitious and singular first album, which shouldn’t be assimilated to the painful post-psychedelic wave. Their concerts were often apocalyptic experiences, whether they were opening for Spectrum, Bo Ningen, or alongside the nebula of their Pan European Recording colleagues.