Artwork :

4TH & Ludovic Balland & Alice Knight

PAN086, Mar 2023.

Precipice Fantasy Part.II


After releasing “Precipice Fantasy Part I” in October 2022, Koudlam delivers the second part of his album.

The first part is a salvo of meteorites where the artist uses, as usual, standardized pop patterns to make them disrupted, and always without deviating from the ultimate melody, chanted until trance.

The second part is an instrumental and contemplative record, a kind of music for an uncomfortable yoga session, that of a tourist who dreamed of climbing Everest but who no longer has the strength to get out of Kathmandu’s underworld.

Koudlam thus delivers the soundtrack of the summits and the precipices. Or rather that of the path between the two, sinuous, vertiginous, always on the edge of the blade.