Photo :

Isabella Hin

Flavien Berger

Following the release of his third album Dans cent ans (2023), which concluded the pop trilogy begun with Léviathan (2015), then Contre-temps (2018), Flavien Berger returns with a now classic “contre-album”: contrebande 02. le disque de l’été.

Conceived as mirror albums to the trilogy albums, the “contre-albums” tells another side of Flavien Berger’s creative process. Like contrebande 01. le disque de noël (2016) and radio contre-temps (2019), Flavien navigates here between sounds experimentations (gervase weatherboy type beat), collaborations (magie vermeille with Pomme), sound research, unreleased songs (sapon, plongereuse) and interludes (music 2000 beat titi poisson skit), reflecting an alternative itinerary of the production of his latest studio album Dans cent ans.