Artwork :

Artwork & design by Juliette Gelli~

PAN076 , Oct 2021.


Marc Melià

On his first album, Marc Melià had explored the possibilities of a mythic synth; on Veus, as if sloughing, he applied the process of sound modification to his own voice, until becoming an android. But an android who sings of love and dreams, a sensitive automaton who plays with the tropes of pop music. Through this device, Marc Melià knowingly seeks poetry and beauty within transgenics, in the search of a universe where one can surf though waves of profoundly moving chord patterns, hear voices unconstrained by range limitations, or dance freely, as in zero gravity.

All tracks written, composed and mixed by Marc Melià except Une ferme dans les Vosges composed by Marc Melià & Roméo Poirier and Les étoiles composed and written by Marc Melià, Flavien Berger & Pi Ja Ma
Additional arrangements on Romain and Retorn by Lou Rotzinger and on Romain by Roméo Poirier
Recorded in between home in Brussels and the Studio Klein Leberau in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines
Additional keyboards and good vibrations on Pulse on a E, Romain, Retorn, Final d’hivern by Lou Rotzinger
Percussions, electronics and trumpet on Pulse on a E, Romain, Final d’hivern, Une ferme dans les Vosges, Dent de serra by Roméo Poirier.
Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis
Artwork & design by Juliette Gelli~

Pan European Recording
Arthur Peschaud, Elodie Haddad,
Maud Aulagnon, Gillian Bourgeois, Pascale Guillier & Léo Puy

This album is dedicated to my beloved girls Meri and Arlet