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Achille Laplante – Le Brun


Nemo was born in August 2003 in Grenoble. As soon as he was born, he could see that the mountain in front of the clinic was burning.

He spent his childhood daydreaming, creating stories, adventures that only he could understand. At the age of 8, he learnt to play guitar with Jeff, a dedicated retiree with long fingernails. At the same time, he discovered the joys and miracles of FruityLoops on the family computer. It was first through the CD collection in the family car or the albums his father put in his iPod that he was introduced to music, rocked by Iron Maiden, Eagles of Death Metal, Daft Punk or Stupeflip.

During their high school years, with his friends, they spent their time being bored and doing stupid things. “Every day we try to keep our childlike spirit and escape from what society wants us to conform to, and this can be done through all sorts of things.”

Nemo quickly understands that he will have to make a choice between becoming a rockstar or a pro skater.

In 2021, he begins his collaboration with the label Pan European Recording. At first, they were intrigued by the ease and creativity of an 18 year old boy, his ability to appropriate a world of music and create a personal work. They were then fascinated by the depth of the texts and the poetic commitment, the relationship was born as an evidence.