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Iris Nguyen Van


Creativity has been Caroco’s guiding light since childhood. In the beginning was the Word, and indeed she started writing when she was nine.
In high school, she started directing short features which she’d score on the piano. It was only during a calmer period in the spring of 2020 that she started setting her texts to music, after repairing an old microphone that was gathering dust in her parents’ house. She soon decided to teach herself to record, produce, and mix in her bedroom, in order to be able to independently achieve big things, equipped with little more than her authenticity, simplicity, and sensitivity.
While she loves pop, soul, rap, even techno, she claims the influences of mostly female artists like Iliona, Yoa, and Gracie Abrams. But Tom Odell and Chilly Gonzales are also on her list.
Caroco’s songs are therapeutic. They help her express her emotions and understand her place in the world.