Artwork :

Cover picture : Charles Nègre
Design : Marietta Eugster

PAN069, Jan 2020.



After the versatile Elasticity (2016), Buvette is back on Pan European Recording, with a sparser sound. Because the 33 years old Swiss can tell when someone he meets will enhance his curiosity.
Collaborating with producer Apollo Noir gave Buvette a new sound. Their histories are similar: starting out as drummers in dingy basements and empirically building their musical culture, one by the Lake Geneva, the other in the Auvergne region. And mostly, they share a desire to contemplate time, freely and dreamily.

When you make do without computerized automations, even mistakes become beautiful. They let themselves go and explored every possibility, bonded by a brotherly trust. A dialogue then took place between different rhythms, formats, moods, and a balance was found between pop songs and cosmic synthesis. The frame is wide open, its resolution unknown.

The Life EP, released in March 2019, was but the veil on the statue that is the album 4EVER, to be released on January 31st, 2020.
Buvette is still within his own continuum, sublimating space by stretching time forever, until it simply stops existing.

4EVER is a total and eternal album. It’s a celebration of friendship, links, discoveries, travels, and experiences, that Buvette has celebrated through ten years of playing music all around the world. 4EVER is a tribute to those without whom nothing would exist, his friends, the ones that have gone, love, and life, life that must be lived as intensely as possible. Music will forever be the universal language, and 4EVERis Buvette’s DNA, which he offers to implant into yours.