Service is unique for many reasons, but mainly for embodying a socio-professional category that is otherwise completely absent from the music and the art world: the senior executive.

The five of them represent several of France’s biggest companies: EDF, France Telecom, Sodexo… Their jobs symbolize the malaise and the precarity of the average office clerk, and the blackmail executives are subjected to: in exchangee for a salary higher than the median, they have to be where people kill themselves, are subject to depression, and don’t have sex… These transparent, common characters of our modern society, those described by Michel Houellebecq in his earlier novels.

Thanks to their childhood friendship, and their adolescence spent listening to indie and punk rock, Service have an outlet for their righteous rage. While some would practice yoga or meditation, Service kill the pressure and alienation with big stabs of loud fuck-you guitars.

This is what sets their music apart and makes it unique. Their songs relay their day-to-day life with a naive brutality: hymns to alcohol, paeans to Reagan-era’s idea of success, fantasies about unattainable women.