Artwork :

Jan Melka / Boris Ovini / Juliette Gelli

PAN092, Oct 2023.

Maison d'en face

Flavien Berger

Currently on tour throughout France, “Maison d’en face” is a dance show choreographed by Léo Walk, with his company La marche bleue.

The original music was specially composed by Flavien Berger, with Sacha Rudy on arrangements, weaving through the scenes of a world where imagination and utopia are reigning. Vibrant, danceable, melancholic, this “house” is vast and full of corners, creating an hybrid sound between film soundtrack and experimental album.

The original soundtrack comes with “les contremplations” by Mansfield.TYA remixed by Flavien Berger, as well as “Rej” by Âme and “Just Off Waves” by CZ Wang & Neo Image feat.

Separated at Birth. The album is accompanied by a video for “GRV” (part. 01 & part. 02) directed and choreographed by Léo Walk, with La marche bleue, at the Villa Magnan.