Artwork :

Marguerite Bornhauser / Valérian7000

PAN089, Oct 2023.

Unrequited Love

Fleur bleu·e

Creative chemistry might be impossible to define, but whatever it is, Fleur bleu·e have it in abundance. The Paris-based duo of Delphine Lucy Lam and Vlad Swann have presided over an assured debut album in Unrequited Love, full of delicate songs of yearning.


Recorded in a 4 days full band session at the Studio Garage in Paris, these achingly beautiful eleven songs might be bound together conceptually in the titular Unrequited Love, but be assured that you’re going to fall hard for Fleur bleu·e. Contrary to the title, it is a meeting of minds and of souls, a collision of invisible substances that together create a unique world of wistful, sonic beauty.